Pylon Signages

Branditprintit specializes in custom designed pylon signages in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria. With a Pylon sign in front on your business, you have the highest form of visibility and exposure for your business. Pylons signs can be found at Airport entrances, Banks, Petrol’s Stations, Shopping Complexes, Stadiums, Arenas and even Malls. This is the best way to get your business noticed ahead of your competitors. Perhaps you will have the highest form of visibility and exposure, as a good way to get your business noticed.

In some places, they are known as Totem Pole, Main Identifier or Pylon tower. Pylon signages are relatively tall signage advertising structure at the side of a shop, gate, bridge, or business avenue, Pylon usually mark an entrance or approach. In recent times we have seen a constant growth in the usage of Pylon signage structure. We specialise in Shopping Centre Pylon Signs, Office Park Directional Pylons , Informational Pylon Signage, bank front pylon signage as well as petrol/service station Pylons. We will start by carrying out a survey of the site, then put up a design of the pylon using our professional graphic designers. After we agree on design, we proceed to build/fabricate the pylon according to agreed specification then we will transport and install the sign at the given location. We don’t stop there we will advice on LASAA and if need be get all the necessary permit you need. Finally, we will maintain your pylon, we are just a call away to fix light, change a sign or any other maintenance issue you require. call us on +2348153076867

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